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Dr. Claude-France Merks-Dellisse
Dr. Marc Taburiaux

The Dental Office of Theoule sur Mer offers all routine dental care or dentures on implants, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, occlusion, aesthetics dental care or gum problems.

We welcome you to our office from
Monday to Friday 9:15 AM to 6:30 PM
and several Saturdays a month from 9:15 AM to 1:00 PM.

If necessary, we will try to adapt to your schedule.

In an emergency, we strive to receive you the same day if you call before 11:00.



Dr. Claude- France - Merks Dellisse graduated in 1982 in Dental Sciences from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. She first practiced dentistry in the Netherlands from 1983 to 1988 where she had her dental practice in Bussum . Her to move to the United States of America, she had to reconsider and two additional half years at the University of Boston and return all required for its American equivalent diploma exams, she got in June 1995. She had the opportunity to practice there for a few years as an associate in private practice, and participate in teaching students of Boston University as assistant professors of operative dentistry and fixed prosthodontics . In 1999 , it was time to return to Europe and it is in Theoule sur Mer together with Marc, his former friend option, they decided to resume the existing dental practice. She is a general practitioner par excellence, that is to say, that cover all aspects of the treatment, with a particular interest in aesthetics, periodontics and implant.


Dr. Marc Taburiaux is also a graduate of the Catholic University of Louvain in 1982 and released the same year as his colleague, friend and associate, Dr. Merks-Dellisse. He first opened his dental practice in the Belgian countryside and held it for 18 years before coming to settle in France. During this period, he also graduated from the school Liégeoise Implantology and Occlusion. These two facets of dentistry have always been passionate since that time and included them in his practice, in particular occlusion by its imminent importance in any dental treatment to access a balance and well be for the patient. He also had the opportunity to learn Chinese medicine and train in homeopathy. It is also very sensitive to the choice of materials used in restorative dentistry (resins, metals, ...)


Outside routine visits ( dental checkup and scaling) , your first visit to the dental office may be motivated by :

  •     solve a specific problem (pain , missing tooth , tooth damaged ...)
  •     assess the condition of your teeth to improve older treatments .
  •     transform your smile or the aesthetics of your teeth.

We have answers to all these situations :

  • Routine dental care : care of scaling and decay
  • Crowns, bridges and implants to replace missing teeth or restore teeth decayed or weakened by large fillings
  • Aesthetic treatments with facets (thin films of ceramic bonded to the tooth surface) or whitening to change the color and appearance of your smile. The dentist is best placed to advise on the most appropriate method and most suitable for each patient.

Tartar Control During your routine visit the dentist will perform a thorough cleaning and polishing of your teeth to maintain the health of your gums. The dentist also regular X-rays to detect possible cavities. It will give you tips for maintaining healthy teeth.

Conservative treatment (cavities) The dentist removes the diseased tissue by decay and replaces them with filling materials with the latest technology, allowing to reconstruct the original shape and color of the tooth. If tissue destruction is more important , the dentist is a " inlay " or " onlay " made in the laboratory. During this treatment, to avoid pain, the dentist may use an anesthetic. A new anesthesia system allows you to be treated without pain and cons of lips and cheeks " asleep ." A treatment may be necessary if root caries reaches the nerve.

Root treatment If your tooth is infected (abscess) , the dentist begins by sterilizing root canals with drugs and, second, it makes the filling of root canals.

Crowns The dentist covers the destroyed tooth (still having roots in good condition) with a crown that protects the tooth and replaces its shape and its original function.

When periodontal tissues supporting the teeth are affected (bleeding gums or tooth mobility, for example), the dentist will help you overcome this problem.

Edentulous (missing teeth) Various treatment options exist:

  • Bridges (fixed prosthesis ): The dentist begins by preparing the adjacent teeth and then replace missing teeth with a ceramic bridge with metal frame can be consists of or even innovative materials , such as the zirconia ( zirconium oxide frame ) which provide a natural appearance.
  • Implants:  When there is more roots , the tooth is replaced by a false root implant or titanium . For this, we use some of today's most powerful systems (Nobel Biocare , Straumann and Zimmer ). The implant used to support crowns, bridges or dentures.
  • Hearing:  We make our technician full or partial dentures according to the patient's need , and strive to make them as natural as possible.

Occlusion Some people may suffer from very annoying pain in the jaw joint or teeth grinding called bruxism. The dentist can also deal with this problem .

Bleaching is to apply a product on the surface or inside of the tooth, to try to change its color . We can offer you three different methods :

  • Chair: Made the firm, this formula is to first protect the gums with a dike resin then apply a freshly activated high concentration gel on the teeth, this method is reliable and done under medical supervision.
  • Outpatient: These gutters custom made and filled with a bleaching gel of lower concentration , gutters that you will wear for a minimum of one hour per day for ten days.
  • Devitalized tooth (gray): The treatment is done from inside the tooth and individually.


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Telephone : +33 (0)

Dr. Merks: claude.merks@orange.fr
Dr. Taburiaux: m.taburiaux@orange.fr